Wednesday, January 9, 2013


got many unexpected things happened..
but not regrets and felt thankful :)

3 years College life finally ended~
all the friends start to step on their own dream in different place.

So miss them already~
miss that we been in the same classroom and make fun make noises 
until the other class complain XD

Think back to the CREAT Exhibition..
it's seriously awesome
because of everyone's effort & cooperation~
love the moment where we whole class of people 
gather together work together and make things out :)
stressful.. but still fun ^^

nice to meet you :P
I'm gonna be a better person this year..
should start everything in a positive way~

negative mind
wasted few weeks with you already.. pls leave me alone!!!

Hello hello~
I'm Pearly Tan Pei Li from 2013 XD

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