Monday, January 2, 2012

Last day of Holiday

one month of holiday finally end~
abit cant believe it ~
seem like it went too fast ..

today last day of holiday

went out with my parents~ first time going out just 3 of us ^^
went out whole day without waste the days XD

already started to buy my CNY cloths..
and i gonna stop ad !!! bcz out of budget ad =P
not bad actually ~ done buying all this before another sem start =)

just bcz of that i bought the jacket that i wanted sooooooo much !!


i search for it in many shops but mostly are male version -.-
finally i found this female version of it!!!
nice design ! nice quality !
totally love it <3

bcz it cost more than RM150+ i think of it many times~
but at the end my mom also support me to buy this so HERE ISIT !!!!
last one of my size !

seriously THANKS GOD !!!!! XD

dinner of the day~ !

taiwan's shabu shabu !!!
not bad la~ but just not much meat XP

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