Saturday, December 17, 2011

Update_with polaroid

Holiday !!
and bcz of holiday also .. i also lazy to update tis blog =P

 i also start to bringing along my polaroid to everywhere i'm out now =D

SingK !!!

had a nice moment with you guys <3

at the end i fall asleep a little while somemore ^^'' paiseh

It's raining everyday.. and this is when i'm stuck in the car..

sometimes hearing the sound of rain and looking at the rain falling from the sky

quite relaxing actually.

stop your steps .. look and feel around you ..

haha.. actually nothing special.

it's just that suddenly i saw my house's rabbit lazying laying ther 

and his fluffy fur came out by the cage side in box by box shapes XD

tat moment i'm too boring i think 0.o

outing with my younger bro ^^

having a sis who know how to drive is nice leh ? XD haha

that day we 2 wake up early just go all way long for IKEA just to have our brunch ther XD

ofcoz at the end also got shop around... but at the end also "tangan kosong" going home~

haizz.. if mom with us sure will be more fun..

but now she gonna work and left us two silly ~.~

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