Tuesday, December 27, 2011

during Christmas

it's Christmas Day !!!
went to Pavillion with family ^^

but funny things is ..
our purpose for that day is to shop for CNY new cloths XD

surprisingly it didnt have much traffic jam when we go ther =)

went to see the Bears outside the mall as well..
what i can say is to give a thumbs up for every artist for did this ^^
very nice~
have different style different idea ^^
creative +

went to saw the Malaysia's 1 as well..
as usual -.-
people with different culture.. 
durian drawn at the butt XD

but what surprised us is the Sponsorship ..
the sponsor is actually the company that my dad's working o.o
my dad also felt surprised as well and go more forward to have a clear view of it XD

but my fav is Paris's & Korea's

Bravo ~~~
Deabak ~~~~

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