Sunday, September 18, 2011

Grandma's Birthday

Grandma's Birthday !!!
seriously love these kind of special day~
where every cousins, aunts and uncles all gather together and have fun ^^


my lovely cousins XD

my fav aunt <3
[wat a look of her o.o?]

one of my cousin bring his DSLR also...
helping him to set the setting ^^

Our Present for Grandma !
my grandma love to play computer games when she's free...
since now she also started to play angry bird also 
so we decided to buy a Ipad for her to play =)

one of my cousin who now at out country ~
*skype-ing wif her*

she's so happy when she found out so many games in it XD
hope she like our this present^^

Our IN grandma XD
even i also dun hav iPad2 lo ~

all 孙孙孙孙孙孙孙孙孙孙孙孙孙孙孙孙孙孙孙 XD

Happy Birthday Grandma ^^
we always love ya =D

 after the dinner ...
we went for 2nd ROUND!!!!

kita budak baik~

just went to the Library@AvenueK to "study" XD

there have a very nice band performance ther ..
totally love it XP

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