Wednesday, August 24, 2011

La Bodega

La Bodega
one of my fav place in Pavillion.

LOVE to have the alcohol drink which called Sangria
not too strong and full of fruits smell in it.
its one of their famous drink here =D

me and my dear cousin went to shopping whole day at that area ^^
love it !!!
wher i can relax myself and spend my time ther freely..
not assignments~ no stress~ no rush~

and i met some friends, lec and tutor at the main entrance of Pavillion and Fahrenheit 88 XD
they were drawing on the floor and many ppl stop around them and watch them working on it..

hmmm.. mayb i'm too addicted to that Sangria..
cant wait to went ther to have a drink again XD
i wonder they have any other branches or not XDDD 

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