Monday, July 4, 2011

just once ..

I rarely absent ..
tis sem didnt absent at all ..

but now i'm going to absent
not feeling well..
muscle pain also
due to yesterday photography trip since i walk so much which can consider whole day walking 0.o

just once ..
let me be irresponsible .. just once
feel very sorry .. to my groupmate n myself
just let the lazyness take over me for once~
i really wanna hav an enough sleep ><
feel so regret after the trip and whole day outing ..
why didnt i go for rest first and stay up late pulak ~.~

actually why am i here updating when i feel sick ==

its mostly bcz just now~
i had the medicine ..  and was preparing to sleep ~
and ~
my dad knock my door == nice timing dad
asking whether he can work his paper work in my room or not~
since he also rushing his work for tmrw.. wat i still can say wor~

just now around 1AM drive out to MK's place pass over my assignment to her
she say i looks ok pulak ==
ofcoz ok la~ i even put on some make up only ask my dad permission to let me drive over her house at tis time leh~

aishhh~ beh tahan ad ahh~
eyes burning sudah ~
still waiting my dad to be done ........................

 padan muka PTPL ! XP

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