Sunday, January 9, 2011


today wat a long day for me ...
wake up early for cousin's wedding ..
then went to 1U ..
then back to my grandma's house ...

totally exhausted !
keep on yawning n yawning since after the wedding ~

i become so weak now ...
feel sick again ~
useless ...
haiz ~

juz now while coming home ..
i whole journey feeling like going to vomit ><
scared to vomit the things out ..
i used sleep to avoid it ~
i juz sit down on the bed then lay down ~
didnt care about wat wat blanket or position ==

now totally dun hav appetite ..
i think i juz skip the dinner ? 0.o

didnt got the chance to touch assignment somemore ><
mayb i bcome a workholic i think 0.o

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