Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Last Wednesday of Holiday

Went back to TOA today wif Meikay, Fui, Shir, Jien, Voonfei, Shuang ^^

Tot of going back to take timetable for next sem ..
but it can be check in through online now ~
really "go green" .. but stil .. v stil gonna print it out by our own ==

When v handing out of TOA meet Kaofu also ^^
he join us go hav lunch together =D

Finally go "sek C yum lui" today ^^ [ T-Bowl ]
mmm ... the decorate is funny ^^ but the food i think is juz ok ok ~

Shuang n her younger bro go skate n didnt join us for lunch..
woots... they both seem so pro ..
the skating place today many ppl ><
we all standing at the third floor looking at Shuang .. haha ..
after tat Dismissed ! thn balik rumah rest ~
coz we had planned to go PM tonight XD

Shir , Jien & YiWen FFK lo ~ 
only left me , Fui , Voonfei & Meikay ~

We stayed at FunOK very long time ther ^^
played UNO somemore ..
had a lot fun ther ^^

But at the end only me n Meikay going to PM only ~ T.T

Going to hav NIGHT class start from the first day of back to coll >w<
hope is not a bad thing ~

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