Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Finally buy a dress ^^

actually not planning to go out today ..
Went to MidValley juz now wif my mom n bro ^^

Every where is decorated for the Christmas Day already ^^
there decorated wif many HUGE bears =D
love it <3

love the red scarf XD 

really wanna to hug it XD

big big Tummy !

and i finally buy a dress ^^
it's a black 1 ...
too bad ~ dun hav other colour but nvm ^^
*haha .. lazy take a pic of it ^^ii *

2mrw got to go for 6HOURS ! teori talk lu ~.~
sure boring like hell ==

haiz ~ 我忍你 !!!!!!
haha XD 


  1. ngek ngek ~ lazy ^^ii
    wait til i wear it to my cousin wedding's dinner first la XD