Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cousin's Wedding _ Dinner Part

it's held in a restaurant at Jaya 33 .
i'll be one of the "crew" XD
as a receptionist ^^
wear the dress n also put on the faked eyelashes *first time try to put it on n go out.. like the effect much  ^^
this time ..
we use "microsoft word" to mark the guest list instead of papers ..

haha .. we found tat we can online n play FB XD
*actually the screen it's my FB homepage but it's too black ~

* can found the pic now in my FB XD

the CREW

okok .. start working ^^

except juz being a receptionist 
after tat i also got holding a camera n taking pic of them ^^
*it's my another cousin's camera 

my other cousinS & the center 1 is my aunt
who is the so called "wedding planner" ^^
* she's not really a wedding planner but she's incharge of everything in this wedding things

It's really very fun and glad tat v make everything go on smoothly ^^

Wish my cousin n his partner 
Life wil full of joy n happiness endlessly =D


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