Saturday, November 13, 2010

yum cha wif laopo

haha ..
actually today would be a very very boring day for me ~

Thankz to laopo for bringing me out to yum cha at Starbuck Leisure Mall juz now ^^

Quite shock when she tell me she's using the trackpad to trace the final CGD .. 0.0
tats y after tat i tell her tat i hav a magic mouse for mac ..
then v decided to go out yum cha .. XD

juz me n her ^^
quite nice ~
chit chat about wat had happened to each other recently ^^

LIKE the atmosphere ther ^^
the background music and the environment really make us feel the Christmas feel and feel very warm ^^
if the Starbuck open for 24Hours..  i really willing to stay ther whole night lo ^^

LIKE the mistake tat had done by the staff ..
bcz of his mistake about making the wrong order ..
then i sure won't get a FREE drink juz now !! XD
forget about the name but quite tasty <3

After tat v go Wong Kok eat supper ..
when v going to take our car ..
v 2 walk damn fast !
coz takut takut ..
sudah lewat ..
less ppl ad ..
v two got laptop wif us somemore ><

This is it ..
My "someone special" ^^
thz for taking me out to avoid "fat mou" haha
love ya <3

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