Monday, November 15, 2010


juz now fall asleep without switching off the laptop ><
luckily is juz 1hour something only ~
i was having a dream ..
then i heard some1 call my name n then wake up !
i tot it's already morning ==
i'm worry later how can i sleep back ~
it's my mom call me ==
i also she call me for wat ~
call my name liao then now dia sendiri went out to some where ad ==

HAIZ ~~~~
tomorrow gonna be a very very very very very very boring day for me ><
dun know wat wil happen tmrw ..
kind of worry also ><

6 hours eh 6 HOURS !!
if i'm not interest wif wat the lec say then i'm sure i wanna die already ><
normally class in toa only few hours also feel tired n sleepy ..
now 6 hours + no friend wif me some more ><

wat should i prepare ??
i decided to bring my sketchbook along only ==
haiz ~

i'm feel so cold now ~
don know isit 感冒了 0.o
mayb juz now kena rain then fall asleep in a air-con room gua ~
伤风-ing ~.~

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  1. usually, ppl are sleeping inside the class...