Thursday, November 18, 2010

what a day ~

Wake up very very very early today ..
juz for the undang2 talk ==

Thx god the place not very far ..
the talk juz begin only 2 hours only ..
my eyes start to feel sleepy 0.0
now i really know why they all say it wil be VERY VERY boring ><
lucky tat i got bring chocolate wif me ..
or else it's really a suffering day to me  ==

Didnt dare to sleep in class ..
feel really disrespect to the lec ^^ii
so i juz secretly sms to kacao the others XD

Juz now once i get back home n hurry go find something to eat ..
my mom didnt know y suddenly so got mood wanna change the interior's position in the house ==
ESPECIALLY when our house de guys is NOT AROUND ><
wan me n her to move the office table tat 2x bigger n heavier than my study table to upstair 0.0
siao ~
but at last stil got help her la ~
on the half way of the stair ..
she say gonna lift it up ..
i was totally shock 0.0

she say : ok ~ ready ~ 1 .. 2 ..
me : WAIT !!! i'm so gan jiong la ><

Then v two start to keep on laughing on the stair case XD
really ~
sometime i really very scare about her action XD

After tat i totally fall on the sofa and b pig liao ^^ii

Oh ya T.T
i juz found out my psp got something wrong jor ><
heartbroken betul
haiz ~~~