Friday, November 19, 2010

too bad ~

hmmm ~.~
yesterday 5am something only sleep ...
but today dun know y ...
12something pm already wake up ==

mayb is the sms ba ^^
received a sms from Edwin tat ask me to yum cha =D
but ..
too bad ~
my mom today dun know y.. she didnt allow me to go out ==
she say : next week only can go out .
haiz ~

after tat , another person ask me to go yum cha in fb also ><
WALAO !!!! all only ask me to yum cha when i cant go out T.T
sam tong ~~
next week i sure go out gao gao let my mom c ! humph !
ngek ngek ngek ^^

ofcoz .. i don wanna fat mou at home today ..
i go keep on ask my mom to bring me out after tat ..
since she's the one who trap me at home XD
so v went to Jusco to shopping ^^
coz she said the things in house wanna finish ad so she wanna to buy things in market ad ~

hahaha .. not bad also ~
can go shopping wif mom n the younger bro ^^
since i enter TOA ..
i seldom go shopping wif them ad =D

haven know when i can take the undang2 exam ~.~
hope can hurry gou tim it la ~
but i ned to start study the damn book ad ^^ii
juz finish the first chapter ...
then agak agak know about the second chapter ~
but stil got few more chap ^^ii
haiz ~~~~~~~ c the words also feel boring ==

btw ... FB is getting boring ~.~
seldom got new things on it ~
but this is the way v can keep in touch wif each other ^^
dun worry i wont freeze u [fb] in my life XD

my this blog also ^^
everyday also got update ad ..
mayb its too free ba ~
Bullshit bullshit type type type XD

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