Sunday, November 14, 2010


so tired so tired ~
sibeh tired sibeh tired ~ .... ><

Yesterday set the alarm at 7am to 8am already 
but stil end up wake up at 9am ==
thankz god .. i stil didnt late ^^

Start from 10something AM then walk walk walk walk walk til 5something PM  ><
My leg also tired like hell ~

in the whole journey juz keep on giv opinion to my aunt n mom ~
I juz brought a t-shirt ==

I think i next time only buy the dress for the wedding dinner ..
coz i keep on yawning and feel lazy ^^ii
probably is lack of of sleep ..

juz now when on the way to have dinner ..
i straightly fall asleep in the car also ^^ii

k la .. nothing to write ad ..
there's juz 1 word on my mind : TIRED @.@
let me rest rest first ba XP

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