Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shopping !!! Part 2

Mid valley !!!
haiz ~ tired betul ==
juz take a few pic only XD

once i arrived MidValley juz now i received a call ..
It's from the office that wil teach me driving itu !
tell me when can i take the exam ==
this thursday wil take ^^
after tat i feel a bit worry ..
coz the book i only had done 311/500 questionS ><
2mrw i sure wil be 乖乖 stay at home n study !
Gambatehmas !!!!! ^^

my bro also tired ad ^^
walk slow slow at the back XD

choose choose choose ~
no energy to help them choose ^^
so syok sendiri at the side XD

all sit at ther rest-ing awhile before going back ^^

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