Friday, November 12, 2010

SemBreak _ First day

haha .. i'm not going to write sembreak_second day, third day and bla bla bla la ~ XD

Today not bad also la ~
sleep enough enough only wake up ^^
like this feeling very much !!
feel energetic whole day ..

I filmed a short clip of Keano this afternoon ^^
*actually until today i only realize the puppy's name is KEANO not KIANO == 

juz a random 1 tat I've shoot in my room... ^^
then edited it ..
it posted on my Facebook ad ..
got few 变态 comment on it also XD
really gek sei ~

* checking out himself on the mirror ~ XD *

oi ~ LangD hurry fast fast done ur FINAL la !!!!!!!! XD
jia you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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