Monday, November 29, 2010

Jom Exercise lu !!!

went to Bukit Cahaya _ Shah Alam
wif Weili, Fui, Shir, Meikay, Shuang Jie, Jien, Eelynn, Ccy, Angel and her boyfriend ^^
 Exercise lu !!!

We went ther is mainly wanna to play basikal ^^

Take these pics when v come back to return the basikal ^^
. all exhausted .

Spend around 2 and a half hours in the forest by basikal.
All too syok and went to " far far away " ^^
We went around 3.2KM far in the area .
* til the end of the area *

Actually we went tat far is to find the Taman Durian and other fruits 1 .
Coz the website said can try eat at ther .

But ...

when we reach ther ...
ther's no durian ~
no other fruits ~
all trees trees trees 

Seriously ! the Fruit Garden how come v can c ever see 1 REAL fruit ? 0.o
juz saw those decoration FAKE fruit only == 

i think tat garden  
shouldn't name as Taman Buahan Tropical but should name as Taman POKOK Buahan Tropical XD

 Totally feel like kena tipu after v went so far to ther but cant fruits but trees XD
*the fruit garden is at the most end of the area [the most far area]*

After rent the basikal , Before start our journey ^^

Waiting the others ^^

at the last stop taking rest ^^

when we heading back ..
bcz of a "four legs snake" i almost 撞车 wif shir juz now ^^ii

Coz she juz behind me 
n we are rolling down on a very 斜的斜坡 ><

At first was very fun coz no ned use energy then went down like tat ^^
but suddenly notice something on the middle of my way 
after i know wat isit ,
i was very scare !! 
n hurry make a brake  ><

i know shir was following behind me from the first ><
but i cant think much ..

Phew ~ lucky she manage to brake on time ~.~
or else tat time v two sure "lok loc shan" n hurt gao gao ==

After tat v went back Sunway Pyramid to hav lunch ^^
Tired + Lapar XD

Today sure super duper tired !
but worth it ^^
at least v had fun together =D plus some terkejut ^^ii

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