Tuesday, November 9, 2010

i didn't ...

When i don't have any expression on my face

doesn't mean i'm mad ..

doesn't mean something bad happened to me ....

doesn't mean its something tat u had did wrong to me .....

I'm just TIRED ... 
really !
seriously !!
i didn't lie !!!
juz simply felt tired ...

I'm tired .. tat's y i juz stay aside and keep quiet ..

I'm tired .. tat's y i feel very lazy to care what's happening around me ..

I'm tired .. because i'm tired . 

Dun blame urself ..
it's not ur fault ==

u should know how weak my body is .. ^^ii
i juz suddenly feel my "battery" low .. ^^
so dun at ther 傻傻的在自责 ==

Every time when i dun have any expression on my face ..
u will suddenly tell me not to angry ... ==ii
really make me feel very 无奈 ~.~ *speechless*
coz i really didn't .

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