Sunday, November 21, 2010

hee hee ^^

Today finally out wif them again ^^
Meikay ,fui ,shir ,voonfei, and more of them ^^
but this time not juz come out for fun ..
its for our personal project ^^

This morning went out wif parents to go out to somewhere else awhile ..
my mom tel me tat wil be back around 1130am ...
but end up late ==
make me gonna rush back home n prepare myself to meet them ~

Had lunch wif them at Fun Ok =D
long time didnt go ther ..
stil like before , v at ther chit chat and joking around XD
too bad this time laopo hav many things to do , cant join us ~
next time ya ~ ^^ 
i wait for u .. haha  

After tat v went to Voonfei's house to start doing our things ~
but after tat v start to play ad ^^
his dog Jacky seem like more fatter than before ^^ii
c him walk wif those short legs also macam very "san fu"
but stil look so cute and fluffy as always XD

Had dinner wif my family juz now at Mines ^^
ther got wat book fair
but didnt go ^^ii
my dad buy me a shoes and a 外套  ..
hahaha ... so happy ^^
thx dad !!!!!

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