Wednesday, November 3, 2010

erm ~

Went early to college today for critic on figure ...
Uncle Teh overslept ~
so me and Pikachu go McD to have breakfast first ..
v wait wait wait ..
even until uncle teh came ..
v stil stay ther ^^
coz lazy to go back toa and critic ad ..
so at last ..
today went early early ther is juz makan breakfast wif them only  ^^
not bad also ~

Today... almost "jump into the water" ^^ii
have LITTLE WHILE NAP in class before class start ..
so when i wake up ...
juz feel like "jump" in it ^^
but it's ALMOST only la ..
dun know y since from yesterday the emo mood macam very easily went up to my mind ><

Dun worry .. i will always stay CHEER !!
thankz to u all guys ^^
sorry again tat i make u all worry ><

ngek ngek today get a free kit kat <3
stil haven eat ..
later man man enjoy it ~
chocolate !!! XD
bodoh ~ thankz you la XP

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