Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Didn't know why ..
but from this morning ..
I start to be EMO.

Nothing happen ~ Nothing's wrong ~
Juz dun feel like talking ..
Didn't know where my soul went to ~

I really dun know why i become like tis ><

MK keep on thinking that i beh song her ~
But i really didn't think like tat !!!
Really not ur fault la ... ^^

Pikachu also .... ==
I saw his emotion also a bit down today ..
I tot something happened to him ..
but i didn't go and ask him ..
coz tat time i really dun hav any mood ..
my mind is juz "BLANK"
I'm sooooooooooooooooooo SORRY !!!
I really dun know it's bcz of me tat affect u become a bit emo also ><
U also ! really it's not ur fault too ^^... Bodoh ~

You guys treat me so good .. how i wil be emo bcz of u guys leh ..

Fui fui ~
sorry ! today can't wipe the window wif u .. XP

对不起让你们担心 。。
i know i look "yong sui" when i dun hav any emotion on my face ..
dun scare ~
i REALLY not mad at any1 ..  =P


  1. haiz ><
    u cannot tipu me mah ?
    hahaha XD
    know la know la T.T