Wednesday, November 17, 2010

=.= ??

this whole morning quite 无聊 一下 ~.~
nothing to do ~
lazy to sketch ~
wu liao until my nails actually not tat long i also 手痒痒 go cut it  ==
aiya ><
i should go get a hair cut oh 0.0
aish !!!

This afternoon ...
me and my mom go fetch the puppy come back ^^
coz he go hav an injection yesterday ...
from this afternoon until now, he stil feel very tired ~
cant play wif him ==
coz no ned too long ..
his eyes wil automatic drop down when u hold him ~.~

Hmm... juz now my mom lazy to cook ..
all of us walk out to have dinner outside ^^
very near .. juz next street only ^^
first time all of us walk out to hav dinner like tat ..
like the feeling very much ..
coz my elder bro also got tag along ..
hee hee =D

Tmrw really gonna go listen the Undang2 lu ~
quite sad ..
coz kena ffk my friends n go for tat ><
haiz ~
hope everything wil b smooth 2mrw ~~

AGHHH >0< *pik cek*

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