Wednesday, November 10, 2010

3rd Sem Break

 yeah yeah ~
Today is the last day of 3rd sem !!!

Yesterday skipped dinner and stay awake whole night til 7am to do the Final Perspective ><
but at least i got slept 4 hours ..
or else i sure die die .. ^^ii

Today's class stil ok ok ^^
Lazy to care my final ad .. 
Juz submit it up ><
But i HOPE ah ma wont lost it or make any mistake wif our Final .

Juz now went to Pasar malam wif WeiliDeeShirShuang ,MeikayYiwen, Fui and VoonFei ^^
the weather suddenly raining suddenly stop ==
dun know gao meh yeh ~

but so happy can go out wif Laopo again <3<3<3 
miss u very much !!!
find 1 day come out yum cha ya ~ XD

when they fetch me back they saw the puppy and finally get the chance to play wif it XD

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