Saturday, October 23, 2010

I ......... miss you

When in the drama class... 
I hav a test and where the part of "express love" ..
I choose you ...

There hav a section before that part start ..
All of us sitting in a circle n close our eyes ..
Our lec start talking n wan us to imagine/ remember wat the situation he's saying ..

I saw you ...
The healthy you .. the cheerful you ..
The hand that you always hold me .. the smile that always cheer my day ..
The place that v always hang out ...

I start to cry unconsciously when i remember the part when you are in hospital ..
I'm sad .. my heart broken ..

But the most sadly part is when the night where you had released few days from the hospital and stay at our house ...
The midnight that i'm chating wif you..

I stil remember that night i was checking on you.. 
See whether u r ok ..
I always sleep late .. so that time every1 is sleeping...

I saw you laying on the bed and cant into sleep .. 
and i start to go to you and chat wif you ..
I promised you that i wil buy ur favorite drink for u when i'm coming back home from school tomorrow..

But .......
I didnt know that it was our last conversation ..

I was in school ... 
It was raining ...
Suddenly hav a person come to my class n inform me to pack my things n go wif her ..
I start to panic ...

I saw my mom waiting me infornt of the office ..
She didnt say anything ..
She look sad ..
Then ...
I start to cry..
Even the worker from the office ask for the reason of leaving ..
I also cant even say a word..

Too sad .. 
Too sad that i cant talk wif u again ..
Too sad that i cant c u smile again ..
Too sad that i have lost you.

But i'm glad ..
Glad that ... i'm the last person that you speak with ..
Glad that ... at least i have chat wif you before you leave us ..
Glad that ... i have spend my time with you that time ..
The time before you going to another side of the world .

即使我不知道那是我们的最后的谈话 。
but i'm stil glad .

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