Thursday, September 2, 2010

Timetable .. having FUN ~

went back to TOA to take the TIMETABLE for SEM_3 wif Shir, Hui Shuang, Meikay, Yiwen, Fui, Voon Fei and Vincent also.

glad tat i pass all the subs and going to hav the same class wif all classmate from CD1001-2 who major in AD ^^

Meikay bring some cookie where she buy it from her Singapore trip last time ^^
I play wif her by saying "only buy cookies for us ~.~" ... haha .. but the cookies really 不错不错 ^^

After tat .. v went to SUNWAY PYRAMID to hav ramen as our lunch ..
Shir went back early after tat == coz gonna fetch her sis ><

We went to play SKATING ..
which i already dun hav any interest / giv up wif it a loooooooooooooong time ago since i had fail before ==

Today me and Yiwen [ who also dun know how to play skating ^^ii ] try and learn how to skate ....
both of us also got fall down .. but juz 1 time XD

feel so noob while skating ... not really know how to balance ==
but thankz to them who help us from falling down n teach us how to skate .. or else .. v sure not juz fall for 1 time ==

feel tired at the end but feel fun as well  =D


Later tat .. v went to Popular then go to Starbuck and chit chat .........

oh ya !
At the end .. After having dinner wif Yiwen , Meikay n Fui ..

V fetch Fui home n lepak sekejap at her house XD
finally saw the baby who like to make ghost face like fui XD
very small ... and easily to fall asleep as well ^^ hahahahaaaa

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