Monday, September 27, 2010

A Place tat full of my childhood memories

A place tat i love to go when i was in primary school .
It's the shop tat owned by my grandpa who had passed away.
I always walk to the shop after school juz bcz it is near n my mom is working ther.
My grandpa always play wif me when i'm waiting for my mom to finish her work.
Infront of the shop ther hav a step.
i always stand on to it and play measure my height wif my grandpa.
i always tell him .. "1 day i'm sure wil be as tall as him".
yup~ i make it today .. n even more taller ^^ii
and i'm glad.. he know it b4 leaving us.
he always bring me to kopitiam to hav lunch and let me try many food tat i haven try b4..
i always ask him y he like so much to drink kopi which is tat bitter. 
but he always say it taste nice.
I stil remember he is a smoker n like to smoke once he is free when he's in the shop.
every time once i saw it i sure wil take it away n tell him to stop.
and i'm happy tat he really try his best to stop.
After a few months i really didnt find any cigarette in his table's drawer n even c him smoke .
Pigeon.. infront of our shop hav many pigeons ... 
bcz ther hav a building which the wall side can let them stand.
they always flying around.
me n my grandpa always throw some food for them n try to use some paper box to catch it ^^
it's fun ... n v success to catch them many times ...
and the workers from the street/next shop saw tat also wil cheer it up for us =D ...


this place which full of the memories of me n him .......... it's gonna b gone soon.

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