Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lunch time Wif u guys again ^^

Finally !! ... haha .. these day very lazy to update my blog ^^

Today had lunch wif Shir, Angel, Iris, Dee, Jien, Fui, VoonFei, Meikay, HuiShuang, Vincent and AA.
Feel so happy can hav lunch again wif whole bunch of friends =D 
like tiz feeling very much ^^
Next time hav lunch together again ah =D

Since v went to tat 老油鬼鬼 to hav lunch and ther only got small table tat only can fit 4 ppls ..
We all separated to 4 tables which is close to each other XD

HuiShuang said her today's food always saw got worms in it 0.0
even the lunch juz now ~ yuck !
Hope later her dinner wont hav worms in it also XD 
*y today got some many worms go share food wif her ah 0.o ... XD

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