Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yum Cha ~

Yesterday was rushing the STOP MOTION n the LETTERFORM DESIGN's research folder  .. 
At midnight was pik cek-ing finding the soundtrack for my SM .. then do do do until 4something >.<

Thankz to my Bro for helping me !!! 
1 of the song tat he help me find is really suitable for my SM ...  XDD

And also finally done using the DSLR ^^
Thankz to Vhand for borrow me tat  !! =D 
without tat, my Stopmotion wil b more difficult to finish ^^

Today is wad "BLACK FRIDAY" ? o.0
Then i must b the 1 who kena bad luck ...

This morning , everything i do also not going smoothly ...
Adding the soundtrack ~ Printing the stop motion ~ 
Kena RAIN 3 times somemore !  T.T   

Actually in the morning Me , MeikayVoonfei are planning to yum cha at mamak in Cheras area for tonight .. but at night, when v all in the car, v start keep on changing the places..

Cheras > Mid Valley > Sunway Kuchai Lama > end up back to SUNWAY !
*btw ... Yiwen fong fei gai us again =.= 

Meet up wif DeeEelynn and Angeline ther at Station One =D 
after tat Boon Tiong also join wif us and play some games ^^

Haha ..while playing the blocks game v all bcome more n more stress up ^^ 
coz the thing is going to fall~
quite FUN also..  =D

But i DISLIKE ther ... the sound of the singers are too LAUD ... chat also ned to shout =.=
oh ya ... FINALLY eat chocolate today !!!! Chocolate ~ I LOVE YOU !!! <3

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