Sunday, August 29, 2010

Snowflake ^^

Today went back to subang to hav SNOWFLAKE wif Fui , Pheng Zhang and Edwin .
[ VoonFei also got come wif us .. but he went back early ]

Today dun know wat's wrong ... suddenly feel tired so easily..
when get back home .. juz take a nap like less than 30mins =.=
cant continue to sleep more longer  >.<

After tat, i chat wif Fui in skype ..
both of us also very boring ^^ii
v start to find a target to SPAM on FB .. XD
but the new format of the notification in FB not fun ad .. cant SPAM some1 like before.. XD

At night,  went to watch movie wif my family ..
after tat v went to mamak yum cha ^^
mayb juz now eat to full ~ now stil haven feel sleepy yet ... @.@

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