Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Penang trip ~

4 days 3 nights in Penang wif Yi Wen , Fui , Meikay , Hui Shuang and Voonfei.

not bad ^^ the planner of the trip is Meikay ..
she did is very good job for it =D
v go many different places and tasted many different kind of food  ..

the " father " infront is editing the photos tat v shooted in penang ... all the " daughters " are messing wif him at the back XD
actually v r in the hotel room getting ready for the next destination ^^

v went to the beach to play n shoot some photos also ...

At the third day .. we went to Phen Pin's house to stay over for 1 night ..
Actually his house is juz near penang but v went to the wrong way ><
From Penang > Taiping  then go back to Penang again 0.0 .... thankz to tat GPS ==

Thank you to Phen Pin's parents also for bring us to eat some special seafood tat only can b found in Penang =D

So whole journey is like ..

KL - Ipoh - Penang - Taiping - Penang - Ipoh - KL
woooooooots ~ ^^

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