Sunday, August 15, 2010

Last day , Last Project .

V had done our last project which is the History of Art project today .
THANKZ to Mei kay, Ling,  Hui Shuang, Ulala, Phen Pin, Angel, Orange, Shirley and Jobin !!
Everything went very WELL .. all juz like wat v had planned early..

*erm ... except the blood pack fall down from the fake stomach.. XD 
  but tat didnt affect much to our project ^^

V r the last group to perform and thankz god tat the lec didnt critic us much of negative things
but suggest us how to show the art style more better ^^


my group's custume design is the 1 which on the center .. look simple but ther got more surprise in it ... and v mostly is more focus on the performance ^^ 
and they r the custume design from the other groups.. look very COOL also !!  *thumbs up !

haha ...
ThankZ to Yiwen also for helping us to help the model to make up XD

photo.php.jpg look very pro oh ~ XD


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