Wednesday, August 25, 2010

hari ni .... not good =.=

tis morning .. i suppose to went out wif shirley them all ...
but end up couldn't wake up T.T sorry ~
my handphone is out of battery some more >< ...
didnt realize it yesterday ~.~ wat a clumsy me

my mom came home n wake me up ... i was so damn tired ..
then only i realize my body temperature seem like slowly increasing ...

but tat not the main thing make me 烦 ...
the main thing is the  伤风 from yesterday stil HAVEN STOP >o<
* i wonder tat isit something i allergic of ?? but how to find out i allergic wat oh ?? 0.o

walao !!! i hate bao wan tan lo !!!!  ... haiz ... more tissues plz =.=

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