Wednesday, August 11, 2010

GOOD NeWs + PM again ~ XD

HAHA ... Good news is tat tis morning i went for the dentist 2day .. n she say my teeth is okok ad and can REMOVE the brace XD
yup... finally ^^ but stil not end yet ...
i stil ned to wear a Temporary brace that can take it out by myself =D
but its better only remove it out when i'm eating ..

Meikay, Shirley and Fui Teng is so Mean T.T
wif them in the class for the whole time also didnt realize =.=
Only Yi Wen is the BEST ~ once meet me also realize it ad .. XP

After class v went to PM .
While on the way to PM , fui was on the phone n she speak in Cantonese wif her family ...
It's so funny ~ I'm gonna die ~ XD ...
dun know y .. but like to hear fui speak cantonese, IT's so CUTE !!!

Meet my Bro at PM juz now .. he sure can b notice from the far distance .. hahaha..
once he saw me, he juz hurry remind me to buy the agar-agar .. =.=
walao ~ pk-ing ad lo ... so pandai cakap tapi tak bagi duit 1 lo..  =P

+ We brought the Crocs shoes for our Penang Trip !! now every1 is gonna wear their own Crocs for the   trip ~

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