Sunday, August 8, 2010

First Time . First Post

First time blogging "duo duo zhi jiao" ~

At 返屋企 now ..
suddenly wan to open an account to play around =P

Dai Kah Jie is lecturing me how to use this Blogger  now  XD
feel sibeh noob now ....

On the other side ... my ex r keep on wiping the glass NON_STOP ...
omg ~ everything very SHINNING now la !!!!  XD

Actually we r doing the Design2's project now ..
sibeh fan >.< ... now 忙里偷闲-ing ^^
didnt invite Angeline along ... SORRY !! ^^ii
coz i remember u n them gonna rush the stop motion.
I also almost done editing wif the part tat v had take b4 la ^^
Hope u guy r doing well ther ... dun play around too much ah .... fast fast gao dim then can man man relax XD

Stil hav 1 more week till sem break...
wan the time move more faster but tat wil also mean tat we will b seperate very soon as well ....

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