Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First day of my Sem Break ..

In morning , went to play badminton wif Shirley, Meikay, Fui and Jien 

After tat , v go back to Meikay's house n get us clean ...

V went to Yiwen's house to fetch her ... her maid juz open the door for us .. so v juz straightly go in to Yiwen's room n wake her up XD
she also curious y v can get in ^^ ... go blame tat maid la ~

V went to VoonFei's house to cook something to eat ... coz nobody in his home ^^
and v also play wif his dogs also ... they'r really very FLUFFY XD


Actually i promise to cook for them .. and Jien n MeiKay also got come n help =D
*VoonFei also not very clear about the things in the kitchen too XD

Then v went to VoonFei's Mom boutique "TDOT" in Mahkota Cheras ...
His mom look so young ^^ and funny also ..
She suddenly ask me about the shooting things .. i also bcom blur blur ^^ii

After tat, v went to Jusco and buy some   buy many snacks for our trip ..
Now wif MeiKay ... hope wont hilang 1 pack later XD

We went to LOOK OUT POINT for dinner .. fall as sleep while heading to tat place ...
When v in the restoran ... at first, v sit on a wrong place ... ther's many mosquitos ><
me n VoonFei also kena til beh tahan then v change the seat to the upper floor ..

The view not very bad ... can c Kael & Chia Chyi [KLCC] from ther..  XD

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