Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finally ~ but hope everything can be done smoothly ..

WOOOOTS ~ ... 2day dun hav any class to attend , so i went to sing K wif Shir , Weili , Fui , Jien , Meikay, Voonfei, Kael and Alvin =D

Actually v all should meet up at 11:01:10am !
but end up every1 playing Cheat .. mostly of us went to Sunway Pyramid early n sit infront of the MNG ~  XD
Alvin is the last 1 who meet wif us ...  In the morning , when i call him ... juz like wat i think XD
his sound is blur blur haven wake up .. =P

HAHA .. finally can sing K ..  高音低音娃娃音震音走音 all also got ...
at the end, v got an hour extra to sing also XD
* like the part where v r singing a song named "" ~ XD.. so funny .. only Voonfei vs Me , Shir and Jien

NOPE ~ It's not end yet ... "Play First , Work Later" is actually how v r for 2day ~.~
After tat v went to dee's house to start working on the project lur ... =.=
They work on the History 's Project and Me and Eelynn work on the stop motion ..

Work till 7something only done shooting ... damn tired =.= ..
but v had done shooting all the pics lur ..
Hope can reach the target  ^^

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