Monday, August 9, 2010

Design2's Final Project is done !!! + Finally get a hair cut , but ....

Haha... 2day finally submit our final project for Design2 but ....
v didnt prepare for the presentation .. so juz simply say something XP

^ OUR WORK ... but the shadow on the ground is more better than the wall ..

The class dismissed earlier than usual ... so v hav taken a class photo wif Chow Peng in secondary schol style =D

LOL.... T.T ..
i got my hair cut ... n i was so tired juz now..
then the person begin to bla bla bla at me then my mom juz kat tepi say ok ok ...
so i juz let them be... coz i ad say tat i juz wanna to cut short the fringe coz i really beh tahan ad >.<
but .... he tolong i cut another style out =.=

how do u guys think ?? ok ? 0.o

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